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Un cachorro lucha por su vida abrazado a su peluche

scarlett destacada

A diario leo noticias que me encogen el corazón y hacen que me decepcione de mi propia especie. La actitud del ser humano con los animales a veces puede llegar a ser realmente cruel, no entiendo como alguien puede traficar con ellos, maltratarlos o abandonarlos.

Sin embargo, hoy me he encontrado con la otra cara de la moneda, con una historia que muestra el lado más dulce, solidario y tierno del ser humano, y todo gracias a Scarlett.

Scarlett es una perra parecía estar en racha después de que la abandonaran. Fue rescatada por el refugio Simi Valley Missing Pets, y después estuvo en una casa de acogida con Brittany y Robbie, dos humanos que le daban todo el amor posible hasta que consiguiera una familia que lo adoptara.

Sin embargo, una noche Scarlett se atragantó con un trozo de croqueta, con tan mala suerte que dejó de respirar completamente. Sus padres de acogida rápidamente le despejaron la garganta y le practicaron una RCP. Cuando llegaron al hospital veterinario recibieron la peor noticia: Scarlett sólo tenía un 20% de posibilidades de sobrevivir.

SCARLETT NEEDS TO STAY AT THE HOSPITAL LONGER. The fundraiser goal amount has been increased. Scarlett will definitely need to stay longer than 3 days. Our pack is strong though!!Scarlett needs her pack protectors!And PLEASE keep sharing!!Scarlett the Bulldog UPDATE. From Scarlett’s devoted foster mom, Brittany Baum Jacalone late last night: ?It has been 48 hours since Scarlett choked on her dinner and stopped breathing. She was rushed to the emergency hospital. She is alive, which is (in her doctors words) HUGE! The first 48 hours were critical for Scarlett and she made it! She is, however, still in a very critical state.Scarlett will need to stay where she is for at least 3 days longer than planned and paid for, which ends this Saturday. The vets have not given us a new time frame, although they say it should at lease be another 3 on top. Meaning 6 days. Scarlett needs to stay in her pressurized oxygen bed and continue to receive the around the clock treatment that she is currently getting. SVMP can’t thank the staff at the animal hospital enough for being so kind. They have been very open to us visiting Scarlett at different times throughout each day and night. They’ve reached out to talk us through this ordeal every step of the way and have answered ALL of our questions. Scarlett is receiving amazing medical care. And, she needs it! While it may not seem like it, Scarlett has made some GREAT improvements. She’s been getting up and strolling around her kennel. This morning, when her foster dad, Robbie, visited, lil’ Scarlett even wagged her tail and licked his hand! During tonight’s visit, Scarlett came to the front of the kennel to come see us. Our sweet girl tried to stay awake as long as possible while we were there (as you can see in the video). Scarlett was supposed to get x-rays today, but because her breathing hasn’t improved enough, she needed to stay in her oxygen kennel. Hopefully, they can get the x-rays taken tomorrow, but her breathing improvement is absolutely crucial at this point. Scarlett is on broad spectrum antibiotics as well, which are necessary for her recovery. Thank you ALL for your continued support and help! Scarlett needs it. This sweet girl is a fighter. But, she is in no way out of the woods. Scarlett NEEDS to stay where she is and continue to get the care she is receiving. We’ve raised our fundraiser goal to come up with the needed amount to get her through the weekend. ?Scarlett has 2 diagnoses: ? Non-cardia genic edema from choking and ? Aspiration pneumonia from choking. We are almost there! Everyone’s support and well wishes from LITERALLY all over, has us all in awe. So, PLEASE, let’s keep the positive thoughts coming Scarlett’s way. And, PLEASE SHARE her story to help raise the needed funds. No more arguing about prices and such. Just keep scrolling if you don’t support our Baby Bull Dog as only happy thoughts are needed! Prayers are needed. Wishes on shooting stars and floating eyelashes are needed! Just peace and love for our Scarlett! This is the path we are taking. It’s already been done. We have heard it all… TRUST US. Now we just want to see our pack come together and share all that beautiful energy in you with Scarlett to keep her breathing!! Just keep breathing little one!!!We have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Lois ???Parmenter. She not only gave us a very generous donation towards Scarlett’s care, but because the money you all donated takes a few days to transfer, Lois also lent us the money for Scarlett’s care through Saturday so that she could continue to be treated. ? Watching this video may give you the impression that she is not doing well. Scarlett is getting better everyday! They will most likely have to up the charges and keep her in the hospital longer, but they strongly feel she’s going to beat this!If you would like to donate to save Scarlett you can:? click the Donate Now button above on our page ? go directly thru our website at go thru Scarlett’s Fundraiser Page at don’t forget to share this post, the more people who see it, the better chance we get the money raised. ?SVMP is an IRS recognized 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization and all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the fullest extent allowed by law. Tax ID 46-2031562. ? PLEASE SHARE ?, the SVMP family.????????????

Posted by Simi Valley Missing Pets on viernes, 26 de febrero de 2016

La perra sobrevivió a esa noche, y también a la siguiente. Estaba en una cama de oxígeno a presión, donde sólo podía abrazar a su peluche.

Esta máquina estaba ayudando a Scarlett a sobrevivir, pero era un procedimiento muy caro que el refugio Simi Valley Missing Pets se podía permitir a duras penas. Ante esta situación, decidieron iniciar una recaudación de fondos vía Payit2, pero la sorpresa vino cuando a los pocos días el dinero ya superaba los 10.000 dólares, y el tratamiento de la pequeña estaba garantizado.

ARE YOU ALL READY FOR THIS?????I DON’T KNOW IF YOU CAN ALL HANDLE IT!!!!READY?!!!SCARLETT IS GOING TO LIVE!!!She JUST came out of the oxygen chamber and is doing AMAZING!!!! Night and day difference since yesterday!!This video was just taken! We will post 2 videos. One with her foster mom and one with her foster dad!!!!! focuses on extreme medical needs dogs, injuries to illnesses, that many dismiss as “not worth it”. At any one time, we have 7-10 ongoing medical rescue cases. Donations are needed and always appreciated. AND, tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.SVMP is an IRS recognized 501c3 non profit charitable organization. Tax ID 46-2031562.

Posted by Simi Valley Missing Pets on sábado, 27 de febrero de 2016

Muchas personas anónimas decidieron ayudar a Scarlett en su recuperación, algunas de ellas aportando cantidades cuantiosas de dinero. Durante todo este proceso, Britanny y Robbie, sus padres de acogida, no se separaron de su lado, animándola en todo momento.

Fue una situación que definitivamente unió a esta familia, la pareja de humanos se dio cuenta de que no podían separarse de Scarlett, así que tomaron una decisión muy importante: Adoptar a la pequeña. Desde que tuvo el alta, la perra volvió a casa, la que desde ese momento sería su casa definitiva, a empezar desde cero.

La valentía y fuerza de Scarlett ha sido fundamental para su supervivencia, pero también lo ha sido la buena voluntad de muchas personas que pagaron los medios médicos.

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